Access GPS frequently, especially before and after you register courses or receive grades, to ensure you are taking the correct courses and are on track to graduate on-time.

GPS Access

  • Go to link.jwu.edu and log in.
  • Once you are logged in, click Academics in the menu.
  • Click Grad Planning System (GPS) to launch your audit.

GPS Overview



When you first login to GPS, you will see your audit. This will list all of the requirements for your degree and show you how your completed or registered classes satisfy these requirements.


GPS has multiple tools to help you plan your journey to graduation. One is the planner, a pre-determined outline of your degree program requirements that allows you to plot out future course selections by term.

Other Tools

Other tools in GPS that you can use to plan for the future are found below. More information about these tools can be found on the Other Features page.

  • The What-If tool will allow you to see the impact of changing a major or adding a major, minor, or specialization.
  • The Look Ahead tool allows you to see how courses you plan to register for in the future will satisfy your program requirements and help you progress towards graduation.
  • The GPA Calc page provides two GPA calculators to help you determine the grades you need in order to obtain a desired or required GPA.