Know what courses you need.

Use the Grad Planning System (GPS) to plan and track your graduation requirements.

Register only courses that are listed on your degree audit.

If you register for a class that is not required in your program of study, your net tuition balance could increase and/or you will experience graduation delays.

  • Review your degree audit in the Grad Planning System > see the unused courses area.

  • On your schedule, drop any course not required in your program.

  • Plan carefully and register a required course

Know how many credits you can register.

Undergraduate students may register up to 21.0 credits each term. Day program undergraduate students accepted in the Special Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP) may register up to 25.0 credits each term with no additional fees. This is accomplished by increasing the student's course load each term as scheduling permits.

Graduate students may register up to 13.5 credits in summer 2018. However, specific graduate programs may require students to enroll in additional credit hours as well as require enrollment in summer due to course sequencing. With graduate programs, except for the  master's level education programs, converting to semester in fall 2018, please review updated registration policies in the Student Handbook.

NOTE: Undergraduate students need to register at least 12.0 credits to be considered full-time. Graduate students need to register at least 9.0 credits to be considered full-time.

Consider additional ways to earn undergraduate course credit.

Students with previous academic and/or prior learning experiences may earn credit through College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Departmental Challenge Examinations or Portfolio Assessment.

For more information, visit:

Know which term(s) courses are offered or not offered.

Not all courses are offered each term. Some run just once a year, so plan carefully!

Look at your campus course projections, which list the term(s) a course is expected to be offered during the year:


North Miami




After you have planned and decided what courses to take for a term, it’s time to conduct course searches and get CRNs.

Visit Registration & Add/Drop for detailed instructions