Staying on-track and maintaining a graduation date is important, especially to help avoid incurring unnecessary financial debt. Not planning appropriately could result in extra time at the university, which results in additional charges and payments and potentially more student loans


Know what courses you need.

Use the Grad Planning System (GPS) to plan and track your graduation requirements.




Register only courses that are listed on your degree audit.

If you register for a class that is not required in your program of study, your net tuition balance could increase and/or you will experience graduation delays.

  • Review your degree audit in the Grad Planning System > see the Not Counted area.
  • On your schedule, drop any course not required in your program.
  • Plan carefully and register a required course



Know how many credits you can register.

Undergraduate students may register up to 18 credits each semester. First-semester students may not register for more than 17 credit hours. Day program undergraduate students accepted in the Special Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP) may register up to 21.0 credits each term with no additional fees. This is accomplished by increasing the student's course load each semester as scheduling permits. Please review the Student Handbook for complete registration policies.

Graduate students may register up to 12.0 credits. However, specific graduate programs may require students to enroll in additional credit hours as well as require enrollment in summer due to course sequencing.

NOTE: Undergraduate students need to register at least 12.0 credits to be considered full-time. Graduate students need to register at least 9.0 credits to be considered full-time.



Consider additional ways to earn undergraduate course credit.

Students with previous academic and/or prior learning experiences may earn credit through College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Departmental Challenge Examinations or Portfolio Assessment.

For more information, visit:




Know when undergraduate courses are being offered.

Course Link is a Grad Planning System|GPS feature that allows you to view information about required courses on student degree audits and indicates when the courses will be offered during the upcoming academic year for course planning purposes.

Click on the subject and course number to view the course description and pre-requisites of a required course. You will also see information about specific sections being offered during the academic year.

*Please Note that while Degree Works does display information about courses, students cannot register through GPS and must access Course Registration through jwuLink in order to register.

Course Link Sample



Know when graduate courses are offered and their delivery method.

Graduate courses are delivered either in a 16-week or 8-week session; not all courses are offered each session or semester.

Review your campus projections below:






Know when undergraduate courses are being taught out.

A course that is currently in teach out means that the course has been removed from future catalogs. The listing at the link below indicates the last time the course will be offered for the 2020/21 academic year. Each course’s teach out plan differs, so it is important to review your degree plan with your assigned Academic Counselor.




After you have planned and decided what courses to take for a term, it’s time to conduct course searches and get CRNs.

Visit Registration & Add/Drop for detailed instructions