• Your audit lists all of the requirements for your degree based on your catalog year. These requirements include a minimum GPA requirement, and mandatory Graduation Application. Your audit also tracks your progress and grades, so you can see your whole academic history!

  • As you register for and complete required courses, you will see this information reflected on your audit, which will increase the percentage in your Progress Bar.

  • Specific course requirements, such as Major Courses, have course names and course numbers listed on the audit. You will have to take those exact courses in order to fulfill those requirements. Major Courses in particular may have to be taken in proper sequence in order to satisfy pre-requisites.

  • You can click on the course number of any course marked Still Needed to see course reference number (CRN), the course description, credits, catalog pre-requisites, course attributes and course meeting day(s)/time(s) and whether it has any pre-requisites, so you can decide when you should register for it.

  • Elective course requirements may appear on the audit either as a list of potential options or as a bulk requirement. Electives with multiple options, such as Major Electives, may appear as a list with instructions to select a certain number of courses or credits from the options. This means you may face scenarios such as choosing two courses from a list of five, or electing to go on a Study Abroad trip as opposed to seeking a second internship.

  • If you are required to take multiple elective courses of a certain type, such as Arts & Science Electives or Free Electives, all of those courses may appear under one requirement on your audit. Instead of a course name and course number, an elective requirement may show how many credits of that elective type you will have to earn in order to fulfill that overall requirement.

  • You can click on an elective’s attribute (if specified) to see which courses would satisfy that requirement.

  • If a course cannot be applied to your audit, it will show up as unused at the bottom of your audit. Unused courses are not eligible for financial aid.

  • If you withdraw from or fail a course, it will fall out of your audit and not count towards your degree, which will affect your degree progress.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always click the “Process New” button at the top of your audit to see your most up-to-date information.

  • If you want to see a quick list of all of the courses required for your degree, check out the Graduation Checklist. Select the Graduation Checklist from the Format dropdown at the top of your audit (the default is Student View) and click the View button.

  • If you want to see a quick list of all of the courses you have yet to register for before you complete your degree, check out the Registration Checklist. Select the Registration Checklist from the Format dropdown at the top of your audit (the default is Student View) and click the View button!

  • If you are confused about something on your audit or if you have any questions, you can always ask your Academic Counselor or any representative from Student Academic Services!