The What-If audit tool allows you to see how your course history would apply to a different major, minor, or specialization without any permanent changes. This allows you to see the impact of changing a major or adding a major, minor, or specialization before you make the change official.

*Note: To officially change your major or add a major, minor or specialization, you must make an appointment with your academic counselor.

To use What-If:

  • Click on the What-If page on the left side of the screen.
  • Use the drop down menus to select your desired Level, Degree, and Academic Year.
    • *Note: If changing your major select the current academic year (top choice in the drop down). If you are adding a concentration, specialization, or minor that applies to your current major, select your catalog year, which can be found at the top of your audit in the Catalog Year field.
  • Next use the drop down menus to select the major, minor, concentration, or specialization you would like to change or add. If adding a minor, concentration, or specialization to your current major you need to select your current degree, catalog year and major. If you are changing majors, you can leave anything you are not adding on the default (“Pick a…”) selection.
  • Any of these changes can be removed from the Chosen Area of Study box by selecting them and clicking the remove button.
  • The Choose Your Future Course area works the same way as the Look Ahead tool, allowing you to see how planned classes might fall in if you changed your major or added a minor, concentration, or specialization.
  • Click the Process New button at the top and GPS will apply your course history to an audit with the newly selected changes.

GPA Calculator

In the GPA Calc tool you will find two different GPA Calculators. 


Graduation Calculator

The Graduation Calculator displays guidance on what future grades you need to earn in your remaining credits to achieve your target GPA. 

To use the Graduation Calculator:

  • Check your audit for the remaining credits and total credits required.
  • Fill in the number of credits remaining to finish your degree in the credit remaining cell.
  • Fill in the total number of credits required to graduate in the “credits required” cell.
  • Enter the GPA you want to have earned when you graduate in the desired GPA cell.
  • Click the Calculate button.
  • The Grad Planning System will give you the GPA you need to average over your remaining credits to achieve your desired graduation GPA.

Term Calculator

The Term Calculator allows you calculate how the grades you anticipate receiving in a certain term or set of classes will impact your GPA.

To use the Term Calculator:

  • Add in-progress courses for the current term, or courses for a future term in the first column.
  • Add the credits of each course in second column.
  • From the drop down menu enter the grade you anticipate receiving in each course.
    • Click the Calculate button.
    • The Grad Planning System will calculate the GPA you would earn by achieving the anticipated grades listed in the table.

Note: Grad Planning System GPA calculations are only estimations and should not be solely relied upon to calculate anticipated grades.

Look Ahead


Look Ahead will allow you to see an audit that displays courses for which you plan register for in future terms.

This allows you to see how these future courses will satisfy your program requirements and help you progress towards graduation.

To use Look Ahead:

  • Click on the Look Ahead page tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter the course subject code (e.g. ENG for English or HIST for History) for the course you are planning to take in the Subject box.
  • Enter the course number into the Number box.
  • Click Add Course.
  • This can be repeated for multiple planned classes to fill in on your audit.
  • Note: The Remove Course button can remove these planned courses individually from the courses you are considering box.
  • Click the Process New button at the top of page and you will be shown an audit that will display in-progress, completed and planned courses. Planned course will have PLAN as the grade and PLANNED as the term in blue text.

Class History


The Class History tool displays a listing of all of the courses you have completed, with grades and credits, grouped by the term taken, similar to an unofficial transcript.

To view, click the Class History link located at the top of the page next to the Process New button.