Depending on what catalog you are matriculating under will dictate which GPS tab to select to access your planner or plan.

  • Students with a catalog year of 2017-18 or greater will select the Plans tab to view and/or edit a plan. 
  • Students with a catalog year of less than 2017-18 will select the Planner tab to view and/or edit a planner.  

What is a planner or plan?

A planner or plan is a suggested course sequencing of your degree program requirements that allows you to plot out future course selections by term/semester. It helps you decide which courses to take and when to take them. Your academic counselor can assist you with building a plan that leads to graduation based on your major and circumstances. Be sure to review your program of study with your academic counselor and edit/create a plan that works for you.

Take time to plan what courses you will take each term.

Not all courses are offered each term especially major courses therefore it is important toeview course projections to determine which courses are expected to run and in what term. Many courses have prerequisites or other restrictions that must be satisfied before you can register for them. Course prerequisites are viewable by selecting a course on your GPS audit or in the university course catalog.

Choosing the GPS Planner or Plans Tab:

Choosing the GPS Planner or Plans tab will display a suggested course sequencing Planner/Plan determined by your college. It allows you to plot out future course selections and helps you decide what courses you should take and when you should take them based on your particular program.

Your catalog year will determine which tab to select within the Grad Planning System. 

If your catalog year is less than 2017-18, select the Planner tab

*If no planner exists

  1. Click on “Load in a pre-defined plan” located under Description within the plan window (right side).  Make sure the degree and major match.  If not, click on the down arrow under major to select the correct major. 

2.     Click on the “Search” button to pull in planner options.  Click on the appropriate planner.  Make sure to select the planner that corresponds with your entrance (catalog) term.

  1. Once planner is selected, click on “Load into my plan” button at the bottom of the 


  1. Click on “Save” plan. This is now your active Planner.

If your catalog year is greater than or equal to 2017-18, select the Plans tab

*If no plan exists, a “Create Plan” window will appear

1.     Answer the pop-up question “Would you like to create a plan based on a template or would you like to start from scratch?” Select the “select template” option

2.     Double click the appropriate degree program and catalog year from the displayed list of plan templates

3.     Select a starting term for the plan (i.e. Fall 2017) and select “OK”

4.     Place a checkmark in the Active box to activate your plan

5.     Select “Save” (bottom right of page). This is now your active Plan

Please note that you can only have one active planner or plan.

  • To deactivate, un-check the Active box and click Save Plan.
  • To activate, check the Active box and click Save Plan.


To update your Planner, access the Planner tab and select the Edit button and move a course from one term to another term by 1) cutting and pasting, or 2) deleting and retyping the exact text (for example, ENG 1020 is correct; eng1020 is not correct) – remember to add or move notes that detail important information. 

To update your Plan, access the Plans tab, select Edit view from dropdown and select the Help button (top of GPS page) to access the online help user guide.   

If you are unable to register for a course according to your planner/plan and the course is needed in order to maintain progress towards graduation, meet with an academic counselor as soon as possible.